The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in techsupport,
The Ninja

This just happened:

Customer was accidentally transferred to me, so I transfered on but not before his account popped up. I usually ignore it, but saw he had a novel for notes. I decided to see why. This proved to be more entertaining than "Subs phone still out." Here are some of the highlights.

Sub called in saying outlet is ruined. Sub says his mother-in-law ripped the modem out of the wall and threw it into the yard.
Sub thinks the modem will still work if we can replace outlet. Gave sub free install for this.

Sub calls back in, his mother-in-law ripped the modem out again, claiming the internet is only for porn and that he's cheating on her daughter via net. This time she LIT THE MODEM ON FIRE in the front yard. Sub needs new outlet, and new modem. Advised sub he would have to pay for modem. Sub agreed.

Sub angry that modem cost $120. Said he could buy one cheaper at Walmart. Explained to sub what a high risk customer is and also pointed out he signed agreement to buy modem. Sub says he didn't know what he was signing, he just signed it. Told sub that is no excuse, and must pay bill. Sub angry but agreed to pay.

Sub says tech didn't arrive with modem. Notes on job state differently. Suggest sub check with neigbor. Sub says he's been home all day. Woman in background started screaming that she hid the modem. Sub said he was tired of being married and asked if I was familiar with any divorce lawyers in his area. Disco'd call.

Woman claiming to be Sub's wife called in. Says she wants to disco all services. Sub could not verify subs SS#, address, or even spell the last name right.

Sub calls in to complain about his mother-in-law trying to disco services. Confirmed with sub services were not discoed. Sub now has password protected account.

Woman says she is subs wife. Can not give password to account. Offers me $1000 if I allow her access to account. Cold disco on caller.

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