Orthodox Discordianism (omg_teh_funnay) wrote in techsupport,
Orthodox Discordianism

Reinitializing Sequence...

So, it turns out that this coming Sunday will be my last day working graveyard shift - then I start a Tuesday-Saturday 8-5 shift.

This is mostly a good thing, graveyard was killing my marriage, what with the never seeing my wife and all that. But I'm going to miss the graveyard shift - the dark, the pervestity, the lack of any and all etiquitte with my coworkers.

I'm frightened of having to reinstall my "Daytime Filters" - I KNOW I'm going to slip and let something fly that would be FINE with the night crew but ruffle some feathers on the day team.

So, I have a solution. In the vein of The Skippy List, I've started a whiteboard of "Things OMG is NOT ALLOWED to do on the Day Shift"

My entries so far are:
1) Sell countries he doesn't own
2) Yell movie quotes randomly whilst answering email
3) Do the (now infamous) "Barbie Girl" dance

OK, that last one is gleefully yoinked from Skippy, but DAMN it's funny.

The overnight team says that maybe they'll send me to work on Tuesday morning in a ball gag, with a note that says "Do Not Open Until 5PM" to be safe.

Any more ideas for my list?

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