Sundog (blkrabbitofinle) wrote in techsupport,

I so need this off my chest.


You know, of all the idiotic things I have to deal with (and god, this one client would make you weep) there's this one little thing that just annoys the fuck out of me.

You know I'm coming to work on your computer. You know that I'm not just coming over and charging you $160 an hour to admire your gorgeous collection of various random stupid fucking knick-knacks that every spends-most-of-their-time-at-one-desk office worker accumulates like lint for some reason. God, some of the stupid things I see on people's desks could be a post in itself. Now I think about it, I'm going to start carrying a pocket notebook and writing down all the really stupid stuff I see. Anyway.

You know I'm coming over to work on your computer, and you know full well that I am doing some sort of work that may very well involve rebooting your computer. You know this because I explain in detail what I will be doing before I do it, and because I know that you are all honestly smart and capable people the majority of time, and because you are a small company that I have been supporting for four years and you have learned what the various things I do involve. Past that, you have learned - some of you on your own, you clever clever things, some of you from being warned in advance repeatedly by me and occasionally having lost important work because you didn't listen (but I honestly do this very rarely and only as a genuine mistake) - that it is a general good rule of thumb to close everything down at the very least if you know I am coming to work on something. Some of you are even so well trained that as soon as I approach to do the work, you start shutting down your windows and sometimes do so so fast you've already closed everything by the time I'm able to say, "No no, that's fine, this will just take ten seconds.".

But some of you. You leave your computer sitting there, with you logged in, and with ten open and half-written emails and twenty Word documents/Excel spreadsheets/Powerpoint timewasters in a similar state while you have swanned off into the corporate ether for the next three hours.

Really now. At least the emails I can do a fairly quick 'Save as Draft' click-fest through but I have to go save your Office documents manually because you have a bunch of template stuff on your network drives that I don't want to overwrite. I have to give them some reasonably obvious name (the date or something) then I have to write you a cheery little note to let you know where they are.

It just gets a bit tiresome after a while, that's all. But I'll grant, some of your confidential documents that I have no choice but to glance over in the process can be interesting.
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