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In a brave new World...

Here in Silicon Valley, where jobs are quickly being eliminated so that our friends in India can take hold of those scripted w/heavy accent voices... there is now a quiet hush in the job market. Although, there are many NetEng, Technical Support, and other technical jobs here - the commute that once too me one hour to get to work now takes me fifteen minutes. Yes, we've seen a difference here. I wouldn't blame India for our problems, we fucked ourselves appropriately using a vastly large stick. However, those that are looking to get into computers/technology take heed that it's bear country, regardless if you live in Silicon or not.

I've learned many things since I've moved here in November of 1996. I thought I'd share.

- The economy switched quickly from plenty of jobs to scarce/no jobs forcing many people to forfeit their homes, cars, and living with friends and relatives or even the streets.
- Once you could get raises by switching companies, now... you're stuck working for the same employer with a Christmas bonus of peanuts from an airline flight.
- High turnover in ANY economy is always a company's business model OR ineffective management. (consider this a golden rule)
- You don't have to be intelligent at all to have a lot of money.
- In order to locate employment in the technical area of choice, it's really all about who you know!
- .Com times are over, therefore, please plan ahead for your retirement since your offer letters will not have 30,000,000 worthless stock options.
- Your company may end up on FuckedCompany.Com, including confidential corporate memo that no one was suppose to see.
- Companies are far less interested in security than ever by installing Wireless Access Points without WEP or any form of encryption.
- Your benefits package is at risk as more companies decide that employees should open up their pockets and pay for their own benefits.
- If there is a political situation between a manager and yourself, you will be terminated even if it was the manager's inability to perform his responsibilities.
- The real network engineers, network security personnel, and talented intelligent people were all let go during the downturn of the economy and now the only people who answer the phone either don't speak English fluently, or they don't know how to fix your problem even if it's a broken mouse. (Examples, Pacific Bell Technical Phone Support, Covad)
- You can be fired for content on your LiveJournal, Webblog, or Website... regardless of the US Constitution.
- Policies and laws in the United States favor Corporations, not the employee. It has always been this way. They have the money, you do not.
- Human Resources is NOT your friend. Their paycheck comes from the Company and they do not represent you even during a dispute. They will typically side with the Manager and you will be terminated without a parachute. HR is a representative of the organization, not the employee.
- Free Sodas, Free Lunch, and Free BMW's are a thing of the past. Prepare to pay $1.00 (1 can) for the soda machine.

Welcome to the new economy.

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