October 1st, 2008


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Some weeks ago, I was asked by my manager to do up a procedure for minimising the size of image files sent through the email system or attached to documents. Up until that point, most people had been resizing images in Word, which doesn't decrease the file size any. Heavily emphasised when I was given this task was that I must stop people from ever, under any circumstances, resizing in Word and then attaching to an email, as the server was feeling strained from all the traffic. I did up a draft procedure pretty quickly, with a half-dozen alternate options to Word-resizing, and left it on his desk for review.

Fast forward three weeks. A request has come down from Upon High to alter our forms and templates to use a new corporate logo that has been pushed through. In updating the email templates, said manager raises the question of how you resize images in Outlook while maintaining aspect ratio. I go digging out the procedures I wrote up, but when I had them over he tells me, "It's okay, I just resized it in Word."

Physician, heal thyself...
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Best BSOD evar.

While a coworker was repairing a Windows install, this happened:

Mmm, burgers...

This explains a few more like this, in case someone isn't familiar with values like this. I'd read up on them but never seen one occur. I especially like 0xDEFEC8ED.