December 4th, 2009

helena // bookbird

*scratches head at humanity*

Me: "I'm sorry to hear that sir, I'll be happy to help you. What's your phone number?"
Customer: "I don't know, and this issue is tying up my cellphone so I can't look!
Me: "That's just fine, sir. Do you have the modem in arm's reach of you?"
Customer: "Yes, I do."
Me: "Oh good! Can I have the WAN MAC ID or the SN number off the bottom of it? It probably starts with 0023...?"
Customer: "Y'know, I'm just gonna go to the store, because this is getting way too complicated!"
Me: "Oh, okay, thank you for calling-"
Customer: *hangs up*

What's with people this week? Yesterday I got a guy who screamed at me for 15 minutes because he gets nervous on the phone and his reaction to nervousness is to yell at people, he apologized profusely, that was the weird part, to have someone screaming apologies at you in a very angry voice. I also got the lady who wanted to talk about the apocalypse and religion and had I found Jesus and invited him into my heart? Televangelism backwards?
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skull and bones

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Okay, so, because I couldnt, at the time, pay for a laptop upfront, I took the route of getting a shiny new Sony Vaio from a national lease-to-own shop. This will be the third I have gotten through them, being that I like how they operate and my credit sucks, so manufacturers dont want to offer me payment options.

Also, because i use this shop quite a bit, the manager did me a favour and got me the Vaio directly out of the box, no standard image.

Recently, the power adapter had become loose, and the battery was not holding a charge. Finally it just gave up the ghost and I couldnt boot it at all. Roughly 3 weeks of data was not backed up (I know, bad monkey, no cookie). I took it in to the shop for service, because they include that as part of the lease agreement.

Being in IT for a number of years now, I figured that they would just replace the board within warranty being that its more of a pain to replace JUST the power port, because that has been the SOP for every company I have worked for.

Also knowing that the chain has a "standard image" that they use on all computers leased through them, I made sure that the first words on the service order were "DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES RESTORE THIS MACHINE - STRICTLY A HARDWARE ISSUE" before I even described the issue itself.

So, I happily drop off my laptop, and the manager of the store submits the service request, being sure to include my request of not to restore, because I had some data not backed up.

A week and a half goes by, and I get a call telling me that my laptop is ready to be picked up. I go and fetch it, and before I leave the store, I decide to be sure it works.

I plug the adapter in, it is still loose, but I no longer have to find the "sweet spot" for it to work, so I can live with that, even though that was the reason it went in in the first place. I pull the battery and it still lives, so the power port is really okay. I pull the power and the battery seems OK as well. So I boot up windows, expecting to see my familiar Skull and Bones wallpaper.

You guessed it.

I get a "Welcome to Windows Vista" type of screen. I am pissed. I am beyond pissed. The store manager is more than a little upset.

We call the "on-call service manager"

He informs us that the Power Management System was corrupt, so they reimaged the machine.

That confuses me, because as far as I know (and I could be wrong) but MOST PMS' are NOT linked directly to the OS. They reside on the board. Most OS' have an INTERFACE to them, but as far as I knew the OS was not the master control for it.

And here is where I get REALLY confused... how does a loose power port on the laptop equate to a bad PMS?? That is the one that really boggles my mind.

So I talk to the "Service manager" and find out that he has only been a manager for about 6 weeks, and has only been with the company for about 6 weeks... before that we was a project manager for an engineering company. So he has no IT experience at-friggin-all, and he determines that a loose plug is the OS fault?!?!?!?

I take it in for a hardware issue and I get back a hardware issue with a fresh OS on it.

I am impressed.

I am now waiting on paperwork from the store... The store manager is just as pissed as I am about this, and he is willing to refund me all my money because of it. I am just going to go take that money to buy a mac... at least their customer service can tell a hardware issue from a corrupt OS.
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