December 21st, 2009

yuki // angry

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Hi, internet.

My name is Jia. I'm 21. I have an apartment, a boyfriend, a cat, and I like to go geocaching in my spare time. I like sushi. I like hello kitty, but I hate the colour pink. I want to be an illustrator for CCP "when I grow up", but right now? Right now, as of Monday, 9:05 PM Central Time, December 21st, 2009, I work as level one technical support for $ISP$.

My dear customers, I know that when you call in, you're probably already frustrated. I know that when you dial 2 [or whatever it is] for technical support, that you're fed up with trying to finagle the modem around your house and point it just the right way to get a good signal. I know you're sick of the random outages at two in the morning, the scrolling lights, the slow speeds, the misrepresentations by our indirect sales reps. I get it. I do, I promise. I completely understand.


Whenever you might press 2 for technical support and listen to that god-awful hold music as some anonymous woman thanks you for calling $ISP$, please consider this. I am a human being. No. I want you to really, honest-to-god *think* about this. That cheerful girly voice you get on the other line asking you for your daytime telephone phone number? Yeah, it's attached to another breathing, thinking, feeling human being.

Here's something you may not know, despite the fact you seem to know everything about RF and computers.

I want to help you, and as a matter of fact, most of the people here do. We care if your internet works and we care that you can't connect. We want to help you get back online so you can get on with your life or your business day.

Screaming at us, swearing at us, telling us you'll sic the attorney general on our "fraudulent" company, telling us how much our service sucks and how much we suck as human beings for being unable to make it better when the actual source of the problem is probably a piece of equipment that's third party and not even our problem? Holy shit, that doesn't help us do our jobs, and you know what? We can't hang up on you. When you verbally abuse us, when you make our eardrums cringe with your hysterical shrieking and shouting, we still have to help you.

When you imply that I'm just a stupid little girl reading from a script? I can't tell you that it'd be easier if I was reading from a script because then I'd have a pre-programmed way to deal with your ass-hattery. I have to say, "Well sir, that's just not so."

I am a trained, competent individual in my field. I operate HAM radio so I even know about how the RF side of how the service works. I probably know more about your computer than you do, and the best part is? I don't get a script. I don't get an easy way out. When you're an asshole on the phone, I still have to fix your problem with a smile and a, "Thank you for choosing $ISP$," even though I really wish you'd get off my phone and stop making my day miserable.

That doesn't change the fact that I actually care, though.

That's the worst part, don't you see? I care what you say to me, I'm sorry that you're angry about the quality of service in your area, it's new technology and no one else is really doing what we're doing yet. We don't have set ways of doing things or scripted replies, and when things go wrong, yeah, sure, there's ways to fix it, but we get to come up with it on the spot. There's no folder to read, no book to refer to except for a website with some pre-set processes, and most of the time your issue doesn't even fall into those processes. Not even close.

So, the next time you dial 2 for technical support, or customer care, or whatever it is you're calling for, please take a moment to consider that you wouldn't talk to your dog the way you talk to us. Remember that whoever you get on the phone has a family and a life outside of the call center, and while we want to help you and resolve your problem, it's easier to do it if you're not being a prick about it.


L1 Technical Support