Deadpan Snarker (erunamiryene) wrote in techsupport,
Deadpan Snarker


Yeah, you.

I have a few friendly tech tips for you:

1. CC'ing my boss on emails to me in which you try to passive-aggressively say I don't do my job doesn't do anything except piss me right the fuck off.

2. Submitting multiple tickets for the same incident doesn't do anything except create more admin work for me and therefore pisses me right the fuck off, because now I have to contact the users you are putting tickets in for to find out if they're having multiple "Outlook issues" or if you're just spamming my damn queue.

3. When I tell you that I cannot install network drops, that installing network drops is nowhere in my company's contract, that no seriously I can't install network drops ... and you then email my boss and word it as "we need a line", and then *sneak* the network drop request into an unrelated ticket? Guess what it does? It pisses me right the fuck off. You are not Congress. You cannot put unrelated items into your ticket like you were attaching a rider to a bill. (PS, my boss is pissed that you misled her, too.)

Lady, why the smeg are you so hellbent on pissing off your tech? You know I'm the only one you have. You know you're not getting another one. You (ought to) know that pissing off the ONE person who can perform a vital job service for you is idiotic.

(The day I get to stop posting about this dingbat is the day that I'm probably being escorted to jail for beating her with a pineapple. This ONE woman is making me seriously contemplate looking for a new job.)

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