Esse est percipi (lolotehe) wrote in techsupport,
Esse est percipi

Dear programmers;

Be aware that the letters B, D, V, Z, T, and P all sound the same when you give them over the phone. English is not your first language and the accent is quite thick, so be aware of that.

"F as in fan" is a good way to add extra time to your call. The same goes for "S as in sank". Are you guys trying to be funny over there? Try to be a little more original, like P as in pneumonia, K as in knife, or D as in Dniper.

Also, nouns are good. We like nouns because then we know what's being discussed. Don't ever say "the thing" or "some error message". You get an error message, we want the error message. And no, we do not read minds, so we don't know what "thing" you're talking about.

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