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EB Emergency Room Doctor

We have had problems with a unix cluster here at work, lately. The problem is, some of the memory was going out in the Prod 1 server, which is 1 of 5. Normally, it wouldn't be that big of an issue, as there are other servers to handle the load. The problem is, the software on the cluster is throwing errors, because the software is still trying to pull from Prod 1 and it's an intermittent failure. We wind up having to do an emergency down time, and I have it announced overhead. The system will be down for approximately 30 minutes, which is a generous estimate, as it should take more like 15 or 20. There is a down time system that handles all requests, it's just a little old, slower, and takes a little more work on the part of the clinical staff. I will also add that the system had become inaccessible a few times last night, because of the hardware related errors. That's a huge deal when it just stops working now and then. The down time was to prevent it completely going down and the hospital not being able to work. This is the system that handles all medical records.

I get a call from Dr. Douchebag, who will we call Dr. D for the sake of this post. First of all, he's yelling right off the bat, and I can't make out half of what he's saying. I get a few bits and pieces of how this is going to affect patient care efficiency, but I honestly couldn't make out most of it because it was almost like he was trying to eat the phone while yelling into it.

A few minutes later the House Supervisor comes down and asks if I can explain to Dr. D why the down time is necessary. I explain that he already called me yelling. He asked if I would have the administrator for the system, who is also my manager, call and explain it, because she has more authority than I do. I say okay, and I transfer my manager to him. The House Supervisor, which is Dr. D's supervisor, is telling me that if this doesn't work, he's going to have to call either a VP or the President at home to get them to handle it. He said he was honestly wondering if he was going to have to have the physician restrained by security when they were having this conversation, as the physician was acting like he was going to become violent.

Anyway, long story short, I didn't hear anything else about it. The system went down, came up, and ran like a champ after the down time. I had it announced overhead. I am amazed that this doctor could not be inconvenienced for twenty minutes. He spent more time ranting about the system being down, than he would have lost if he had just worked through it.

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