All I hear is clapping... (jecook) wrote in techsupport,
All I hear is clapping...

*sighs heavily*...

So, a couple shiny new 'features' that were added into livejournal allowed for both semi-automated whitelisting and automatically granting access.

However, said whitelist was pretty open. I've gone and throttled it a bit. (It just means that anything not on the whitelist gets thrown into the moderation queue for a human (or sentient mutant hopefully) to give it the ol hairy eyeball. Like most things, it'll take a bit of tuning to reach a happy medium.

And just to re-iterate the profile notice:

REQUEST: If your post is particularly verbose or Not Safe For Work (NSFW), Please put an LJ-Cut on it. This is not a hard n fast rule, merely a suggestion.

Policy statement added as of 5/17/2007, On Advertising: "Advertising services (especially computer support services!) in this community is generally prohibited, unless otherwise approved by the moderation team. Most of us do support as a day job, and frankly don't want to hear about it during our off hours. If you post advertising in this community, your post will be mocked mercilessly before it is deleted and you WILL BE BANNED."
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