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Heh, one from the moderation queue...

The text of the entry was:

"Facebook Support Number For iPhone Users
Do you want to solve issues related to your Facebook account? Come to us & dial Facebook customer service number [redacted] for the instant solution. iGurus Facebook support team always available for your help. You feel free to ask any question related to your Facebook account & get the answer instantly. You can contact iGurus Facebook support team anytime from anywhere. "

Which I rejected, flagged as spam, and added these notes:

Please read the profile information for this community, specifically this portion:

[insert copypasta from profile regarding advertising]

Your post has been rejected, flagged as spam after examining your twitter account, and YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED. GOOD DAY, SIR OR MADAM.

Alas, the admin console won't let me baninate external users.

"Well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese?" - from the very end of Joker's Eulogy from The Man Who Killed Batman

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